Alright, let's start with the basics.

Sound waves travel approximately 344m/sec (1130ft/sec) in air.
Audible sound covers the frequency range from about 20Hz to 20kHz.
The wavelength of sound of a given frequency is the distance between
successive repetitions of the waveform as the sound travels through air.
It is given by the following equation:

wavelenght = speed / frequency

or, using the abbreviations of c for speed, f for frequency, and
l for wavelength:

l = c/f

Period (T) is defined as the time required for one cycle of the waveform. T=1/f.

For f= 1kHz, T=1/1000, or 0.001 sec, and l=344/1000, or .344m (1.13ft.).

So far this is the first lesson, hope you enjoyed it and you're keeping some facts said.