10 practical rules for professional recording with microphones

Let's get more practical with the audio advice. One of the most important things when home recording is, after having chosen a suitable microphone for your project, the recording process of an audio source itself.
The quality of your recording results may vary dramatically when certain mistakes are being made.
So, here are the 10 basic rules for professional recording with microphones:

1. Point the microphone at the audio source and away from undesired audio sources.

2. Locate the microphone as close as possible to the desired audio source.

3. Use only one microphone per audio source.

4. When recording with multiple microphones, consider the minimum distance of each one.

5. In General use as few microphones as possible.

6. Avoid placing a microphone close to sound reflecting surfaces.

7. Use a wind shield when recording outside.

8. Avoid direct mechanical influences on the microphone (mechanical vibration).

9. Test a microphone by talking or knocking, never blow into the microphone.

10. Place the monitoring speakers in the area of the least directivity of the microphone.


  1. use a windshield? wow thats the first time I heard that, my co worker is right, this blog is awesome for music recording enthusiasts.

  2. nice post!;)
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  3. Damn this my friend is true this is a good source for music enthusiasts!

  4. Thanks for the tip, my brother was just looking for this type of info:)

  5. I'm glad my drum kit is electric and can be recorded using only one mic. As a matter of fact, you can connect it to the computer and record each pad at a different level.

  6. Great blog, man!

    Hope you`ll check out mine as well.

  7. @ Jackson
    Nice, I also got an electric guitar with line in recording, it's pretty much the best.

    My brother got a normal drum kit (I can play it a little bit, too), he bought a microphone short time ago and started recording, if you're doing it right, it sounds fantastic.

  8. A windshield? I keep picturing a car windshield, haha.

  9. I had no idea...
    that's why my recordings sound so shitty!